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GS控股集团(GS Holdings)

  GS was officially recognized as of March 31,2005 with the motto of 'Value No.1 GS'and to achieve the mission of customer satisfaction,GS is striving to become a partner in life,a workplace where employees'dreams and hopes are realized,a company with the transpareent management and outstanding performance,and a resonsible member of society.

  GS promises to do its best to become the top Korean company which gains the trust and affection of the all the sakeholders,and creates the best shareholder value.

  GS is comprised of GS Holdings and 16 subsidianes &affiliates including GS Caltes,GS Retail,GS Homeshopping,GS EPS and GS E&C among others.The asset size is at 18.7 trillion KRW as the end of 2004 placing GS at the 7th largest in Korea excluding the public business companies.

  On March 31,2005,GS announced the official start of the Group with Corporate Identity and Management Philosophy Declaration.With the Management Phlilosophy of "Creating a New Value in Life and Dreaming of Better Future with Customers"and Employees"shared value of Customer Satisfaction,Improverment in life Value,Respect&consideration,and Passion & Vitality,GS has set the goal of creating the Company with the Best Value(Value No.1 GS),thus becoming the vanguard in Improvement in Life Value through providing the products and sevices which bring joy,convenience and comfort in customers'life.



  Sep.4th~Sep.11st GS Manageement Training for new appointees

  Aug.31st~Sep.9th Global IR Roadshow

  June 30th GS Holdings 1st Anniversary

  March 31st Announcement of GS CI & Management Philosophy

  February 15th Press Conference on GS CI

  January 27th Official approval of Split from LG by Korea Fair Trade Commission


  August 2nd GS Tower MOve in Ceremony

  July 2nd lnauguration of Chairman Chang Soo Huh

  July 1st Incxxporation of GS Holdings

  Official embarkation of Energy,Retail focused Holding Company